$$ Vaastu Shastra $$

Vaastu Shastra Services is an effective and versatile way to make a radical difference in yours life. It plays an important role in health, happiness and harmony.

Vaastu Shastra is not a magic, but only a pure science of structures, vibrations and energy. It is a multipurpose and all encompassing way to look at human problems.
A correct vaastu gives out positive energy that environment work in your favour. Vaastu is a simple, practical technique to identify and deal with hidden energies in your surrounding, imbalances and stagnating circumstances.

For Vaastu Shastra tips, HOME MAKERS offers this layout for our esteemed visitors....
Standard Layout For Residence :-

Standard Layout For Shop / office :-


Standard Layout For Industries / Factories :-

Nav-Ghra Vastu Yantra:-

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