Monday, 20 February, 2012

Shiva Invocation - शिव को जागृत करने का मंत्र

Shiva Invocation



Great God, Reliever of Suffering, Great Mover of Energy in the Body (Yogi), Supreme One I hold in my heart (Ishvara), Remover of Difficulty, You who carries the vibrations of "M" (that which is the dissolving letter in A-U-M), I bow to you.

I bow to Shiva, to Peace, to the manifestation of existence, and offer my soul in entirety, Oh, Ultimate Reality!

You are Mother and Father; you alone are friend and relation. You are wisdom and prosperity, Oh, God of Gods, you are Everything!

Listen to the mantra:

This mantra is used during our Kali Puja to invoke and honor Shiva as Lord of the Dance, Maha Deva, the Great God and Lord of the Universe, He who is Shaper of Consciousness. This mantra invites engagement with Shiva as pure energy connected to our Soul, and as the energy that is recognized in many forms in the matter of Creation.

We utilize this mantra to excite our devotion and make a concrete connection to the magnificence of God beyond our attachments.

Use this mantra in your daily practice to open your heart and honor your commitment to the Divine, to the Unpathologized Sacred Male in all His forms.

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