Thursday, 1 December, 2011

Kali's Heart Mantra - काली का रदै मंत्र

Kali's Heart Mantra

Listen to the mantra:

This most-auspicious 22-syllable mantra vidya given in the Devirahasya Tantra (The Secret Goddess Tantra) is a potent vibrational elixir that brings together the most powerful bijas of Devi so as to permeate the three worlds of physical, subtle, and causal realities in order to transform them. When reciting, we offer from our heart the three flowers of these realms: jasmine (white), oleander (red), and lotus (black), which correspond not only to the fundamental qualities of nature, but also to the three types of menstrual blood in Tantrick tradition: kunda, gola and svayambhu, respectively.

Use this mantra when you are ready to cut through the limitations of your day-to-day life and consciousness. Be ready, however! This mantra is more than effective.

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