Friday, 2 December, 2011

Visarjan & Initiation (Sama-Prarthana) Mantra - विसर्जन और समयाचना मंत्र

Visarjan Mantra


You who have been welcomed (arisen, embodied in the murti through prāa pratiṣṭha), Great Mother Kali, are offered gratitudes and bid farewell.

Listen to the mantra:

This mantra is used at the end of our Kali Puja to thank our Divine Mother, Kali Maa, for coming to our ceremony, for flowing from our hearts into the murti we reserve for Her during worship.

Use this mantra in your own worship to give thanks and devoke, returning the image you use to its original form, before closing your puja and putting away your ritual items. 

Initiation Mantra

I know no mantra, I cannot act properly in this world, I have no devotion, Divine Mother; but even so my Goddess, please accept what I have offered in worship to you.

Listen to the mantra:

This mantra is used during our initiation ceremony for all those completing Daughters of Kali. The mantra offers one the opportunity to appear before Maa with an open heart, surrendered to Her completely and removed from the fears and obstacles of everyday worries, concerns over pronunciation, and times when even our best intentions do not match what we manifest.

We utilize this mantra to signal our humility, our willingness, and our yearning for the truth of Divinity to shine through us in every moment...even when we're not perfect. We realize that to forgive ourselves is to honor the Divine Will and the work is to increasingly match our surrendered state with the reality of what we create through word, act and the draw of our hearts into connection with ourselves, others, the planet and the cosmic unfolding of Spirit.

Use this mantra in your daily practice to open your heart and honor your commitment to the Divine in all forms, with all names.  

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